Our process ensures 100% quality, guaranteed! All parts are quality inspected after cover tape applied.


    Variety of taping solutions. Tape parts as small as 0.020 x 0.012 x 0.005 from wafer or waffle.


    You thought it couldn't be done. We can do it at your price! Request a quote!


    Fastest turn-around time in the industry! Custom designed packaging on site!

100% Quality, 100% On-Time Delivery!

REEL TAPE SOLUTION can provide you with unparalleled service and delivery. We understand that you need your component taping job done yesterday, so we can offer you fast turn-around to get your job done quickly. We have an on-site facility that provides all tape and reel service done by professionals with years of experience, so you know that the job will be done right the first time. Our turn-around time and quality cannot be matched.

REEL TAPE SOLUTION is a fully equipped independent tape and reel facility. We provide taping for aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, defense, military and commercial industries. We can provide you with all your taping, marking, dotting, dry packing, labeling and bar coding needs at our state of the art, on-site facility.

We provide a full line of services in our state of the art facilities, featuring in-house Tape and Reel with peel force testing, dry pack, vacuum pack and bar code, Cut & Bend Devices, design packaging and pick known good die from wafers onto waffle pack or tape.

REEL TAPE SOLUTION gives you the competitive edge.

  • * Surface mount, axial, radial taping
  • * Fastest turn-around time in the industry
  • * In-house Tape & Reel with peel force testing
  • * A never-ending variety of taping solutions
  • * Dry Pack, Vacuum Pack and Bar Coding
  • * Semi-automatic die pick and place into waffle pack or tape
  • * Lead cut and bend
  • * Design